This is a sharpening action for all of those people out there who doesn’t have the “convert to timeline button”. With this action you will no longer have the need to sharpen layer by layer which is very exhausting & tedious. This action can also be used by people who does have the “convert to timeline” button.

The action sharpen up to 100 layers and it doesn’t matter if you are making you GIF from screen caps or by importing the video frames to layers.

Download  ~ Likes are not mandatory but highly appreciated & PLEASE do not redistribute.

Click on the "Read More" for a tutorial on how to use this action.

This is kind of a complicated process but once you learn the steps, you’ll see how simple it really is.

I’m guessing you already know how to install and action on Photoshop, if you don’t go here.

Start by importing your video frames to layers or screen caps into Photoshop, once you have that ready go to the drop down button at the right corner of the animation bar and select the option "Flatten frames into layers"


Now delete all the layers below the layer named “Frame 1” until you are left with only the ones named “Frame #”.

Then go to Layer >Hide layers


and then Layer > Show Layers


Done that, go to the layer named “Frame 1” and select it, then play the action.

When the action finishes sharpening all the layers a window like this one

will pop up, unless you have exactly 100 frames.

When the window pops up, click on the button “Stop” and then go back to make your GIF like you usually do. Go again on the drop down menu of your animation bar and select “Delete animation” then go again and select “Make frames from layers” and so on (:

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